Explore the world by journeying through Anita’s art. Her collections reflect the quintessence of life and the adventure that awaits those brave enough to seek it.

Collaborative Escapism

This series of six paintings are a collaboration between John palmer and Anita Varadaraju.


This series is close to the artist. It shows how the artist sees cities and their architecture. Everyday is a new perception, every building is a different view.

Windows In The City

Anita had a habit of counting windows on the walk to school as a child. That habit continued into adulthood and she knew the number of windows in every house on the way to college from her apartment.


These paintings have an essence of adventure in them. They are the pioneers in Anita’s arsenal, so to speak.


The human form is the other genre in Anita’s body of work that she is most attuned to besides her need for abstracts.


This series is an immense body of work that spanned through several months in its making. The wholesome combination of the organic and the inorganic creates a play of colors in the mind.

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